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Why We Need To Install Outdoor Filter 

1. To protect all the water piping, and home appliances which using water (e.g washing machines, Toilet Bowl/Toilet Bowl Water Storage).
2. To ensure the clean water is supplying to the family for the grooming and cooking, which in turn help to protect their health.
3. Expecially Condominium and Apartment, Management will not guarantee on frequent cleaning the water tank and pipe, which lead to some of the piping will get rusted inside after long-time-use.


The Benefits Of Nesh Super High Outdoor Filter

It is using 0.01 Micron (Hollow Fiber Membrane), It can filter the virus, bacteria, heavy metal and mud. As you can see the below test, even the color of the ink (Black) also can be removed. 




1. Flushing and backwash only release the water waste 15-20 Seconds only.
2. One week Flushing and once a month for backwash. (If 2 people using the water supply, allow to do flushing 2 weeks one time)
3. After restored the water water supply after the water got cut off, please release the water waste first. 
4. For Flushing method only open the last valve E.
5. For Backwash method are Close the Valves (A and D) and Open the Valves (C and E), after release the waste 15 seconds, return back to normal states. (Close E and C, Open D and A)

The tutorial video for flushing and backwash as below link.


Patent Product - Filter Cartridge

The Purpose of backwash to to cleean the 0.01 Micron, to prolong the filter cartridge lifespan.

Due To The Small Sizes, The Installation Is Suitable For Every Type Of Housing Including Apartment, Condominium, Landed As Well As Villa House

Product Specification

Model EM 3000 N
Casing Stainless Steel 304
Weight 6.14KG
Size 74.8cm (H) x 14.3cm(W)
*Water Pressure Requirement (Bar) At least 1 bar
**Clean Water Output 4000 L/Hr
*For those housing water pressure less than 1 bar, installation of a water pump is recommended to increase the flow rate of water.
**The amount of Litre supply stated is tested with the good quality of piping with zero resistant as well as no waste inside the filter cartridge.

Standard Warranty 

1 Year for Casing and Filter Cartridges
(Is pointless if we warranty 10 years for casing as the casing won't spoiled)

Services Included

1. Checking the water pressure before and after the installation. (Only drop 0.1% water pressure)
2. Every 4 years Customer Service Checking. Online checking the water pressure and the filter cartridge lifespan.
3. Whole Life Reminder Notification for Flusing and Backwash.
4. 24 Hrs Online Teaching for Flushing and Backwash.
5. Changing Cartridges no hidden charges for only Nesh Users.
6. FOC Site Visit.
7. Whole Life Spart Parts in Stock Ready. No Waiting Period.

Question and Answers

Q: How to do the maintenance of the membrane filter?
A: Once a week do the flushing mode, but once a month must do the backwash mode.
The main reason that needs to do backwash is that the possibility of the 0.01 Micron will get stuck so we need to wash the 0.01 Micron. As we know that Nesh filter inside has 400 holes, during the backwash, the water able to reach all areas membrane surface.
Q: How to observe the membrane spoiled? Will it easily spoiled?
A: The membrane itself wonĄŻt have any expiry date. Just that we need to release the water waste that the membrane kept. When doing flushing or backwash, the water coming out is always clean without dirty. This means that incoming water already bypasses the filter or totally no water pressure.
For example, the membrane is similar to our kidney, even you are drinking the cola, the urine coming out is clean and without colour. Our kidney wonĄŻt spoiled unless you didnĄŻt go for release the waste.
Q: Will the membrane filtration system able to filter chlorine?
A: Our outdoor filtration system unable to filter chlorine as it doesnĄŻt contain any carbon element. If we filter the chlorine, the piping and water tank will grow the algae.


Examples of Installation 

For Landed - Horizontal and Vertical

Special Installation - Bypass (Done By Customer's Contractor)


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